Move It
How far will the band travel?
Move It can travel worldwide. Our more popular areas covered
include London, Surrey, Hampshire, Kent, Sussex, Essex, Middlesex
and The Midlands.
How long do you play for?
Standard timings are 2 x 1 hour sets of live music, with pre-recorded music provided in the breaks. We also offer a professional DJ service, which can be booked on it’s own or as a bolt on option to the live band.
Is it possible to come and see you before booking?
Due to the majority of our bookings being private functions this is not always possible. However, we do occasionally perform public gigs in bars/clubs. Therefore it’s always worth getting in touch with us to find out our latest schedule. Our demo recording is also very close to the live sound, having used the same backing tracks for gigs as have been used on the demo recordings. We also have a top of the range lighting & sound system, which includes the top industry brands; Mackie PA Systems, Shure Microphones, NJD Lighting & Martin Club Lighting, so you can be assured of hi-fi sound quality & great lighting when hiring Move It.
Do you have insurance against accidents and damage at venues?
Yes, as required by British law we hold up to date public liability cover of £10,000,000 indemnity, through the Musician's Union, meaning we can play at any venue without difficulty. All electrical equipment is also PAT Tested annually for electrical safety and conforms to the HSE EAW Act 1989. Copies of our insurance documents and PAT Test Report are available on request.
Why should we book you?
We offer a first class & reliable service for every occasion. When considering which band to hire, it’s worth checking whether they will also offer up to £10million Public Liability Insurance, be able to produce up-to-date PAT Electrical Safety certificates for their equipment, and secure all bookings by contract. What this means is that you can rely on us to turn up when required, offer a professional service, and ultimately help your event become the success you desire. It’s not always advisable to make your decision based on price alone, and we invite you to compare us with the competition as to what we can offer. After all this is your event, and you need to be able to book with a company you can trust. Mike who deals with all bookings and contracts, has been working in the entertainment industry since 2001, and has successfully organised hundreds of private & public shows both in the UK & Abroad. If you require any more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
How loud do you play?
We have a top of the range Mackie PA System, meaning we can stay in control of the sound at every event, and also provide a great sound at any volume. Often, poorer quality speakers can make music sound “loud”, when in fact it’s down to having a low-budget sound system. However any live music has a minimum volume, and this should be considered before booking any type of live act. Move It don’t use live drums unless requested, which if required, allows us to play a lot quieter than, for example, a 6-piece band. Our live sound is also a lot more defined & controllable in difficult sounding venues (such as venues with stone floors, lots of mirrors/glass etc.), as the bass & drums are pre-recorded to studio standards, meaning you get hi-fi sound quality & the energy of a band all in one package.
How do you dress?
We generally dress to suit the event, meaning we dress smartly for the majority of our bookings. However if you have any special requests for this, for example fancy dress, do let us know when making an enquiry and we will do our best to accommodate.
How much do you charge?
Each booking is quoted for individually, taking into account arrival / finish times, the distance to your event and some other factors. If you would like a quote, please visit our Online Booking Form and we will work out our best price for your event.
What time can you set up from?
Our usual  set-up time is from 5:00 p.m, and this has been put in place to allow for having to travel to your event, often from a booking the previous night, which can be some distance from your event. We can sometimes set up before this time, but there may be an extra charge for this.
How long does it take for you to set up your equipment?
It’s best to allow 1 hour, to load equipment in, set volumes and make sure everything is tidy & safe. A 15-minute slot is dedicated to soundchecking instruments, microphones etc. Please allow for this 1 hour set-up when considering what time you would like us to arrive. It is recommended that this set up takes place before your guests arrive, or whilst they retire to another room. If the venue is not easily accessible by road, or is not on the ground floor, this set up time will be increased, and we should be notified prior to booking if this is the case.
Will I need to pay a deposit?
We ask for a deposit to secure the date upon signing of the booking contract. If you are booking through an agency, they will collect the deposit, and the remaining balance will be payable to us on the night in cash or by cheque 14 days before.
Do you supply all your own equipment?
Yes - we don’t rely on hire companies, and we own all of our equipment, which is extremely up-to-date & well maintained. All we need is the required space to set-up, and a safe, sufficient 13Amp power supply. We provide all PA & sound equipment, and an intelligent stage/dancefloor lighting system, with which we can cater for audiences of up to 250 people comfortably. We’re also able to source extra lighting & sound equipment for bookings where there will be more than 250 guests. Contact us for more details. Smoke machines are also available on request when booking. We can also supply lasers for the ultimate club/party atmosphere - just let us know when you get in touch with us.
Technical Requirements
Time needed to set up & sound check: 1 hour minimum, to load equipment in, set volumes and make sure everything is tidy & safe. A 15-minute slot is dedicated to soundchecking instruments, microphones etc. Please allow for this 1 hour set-up when considering what time you would like us to arrive.
Stage space required: We require an area of 14ft (4.3m) wide x 9ft (2.7m) deep as a minimum. We don't provide our own stage, but we prefer to use staging if it can be provided. A safe, level working area of these dimensions is the minimum requirement.
Power consumption: We require at least 4 x 13amp sockets to power lighting and sound equipment safely. These should be within a reasonable distance from the stage area, and should always be in a safe, working condition.
PA system size & details: Mackie SRM450 PA system + 12channel Mackie mixing-desk with effects. Shure microphones, for vocals & guitar. Mackie SRM350 Stage Monitoring.
Lighting rig size & details: 3000W DMX Controlled NJD colour wash stage lighting, with intelligent disco lighting, including a Acme Dynatwin 1000 Watt intelligent scanners, plus a 250W Martin Raptor club scanner, providing over 70 beams of light & 9 changing shapes/patterns which move to the music. Larger systems are available on request.
Artist Rider (inc special diet requirements): In order to put on the best show we ask for refreshments such as soft drinks, tea/coffee & sandwiches or, if available, a hot meal. We also will require an area to park, within a reasonable distance from the performance area.
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